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So this Sunday is Mother’s Day and we are going to have a ZOOM circle time “Mommy n Me Tea”. Everyone can work with their moms to make some cookies or scones to bring to the circle time. Kids can make a nice cup of tea for their mom and themselves and we’ll enjoy this together. I hope everyone can make it!

Here are 5 things kids can do for their moms:

1. Pick some flowers from the yard. Make a posey or put them in a nice vase.

2. Make her a gift. Dads can work with their child to look on sites like pinterest to find an idea. Alternatively, a couple of easy gifts would be to make her a necklace (kids LOVE beading) or take a nice picture of mom and child/ren and make a pretty photo frame. I also mentioned pressing flowers. If you did that your child can make a nice bookmark or card with those pressed flowers. There are many many ideas out there so dads...take the time to find a great easy craft for your child to bless their mom with.

3. Make her breakfast in bed. Dads, work with your child to make a lovely tray with cereal, toast, OJ and a coffee and serve it while she is in bed. This traditional exercise is still a memory-maker! I remember those days when my children attempted to make me breakfast in bed and it was so special.

4. Tell her some of the things you love about her. Words are our powerful tools to love people with.

5. Make her a nice card telling her the things you love about her.

See you on WEDNESDAY 11am on ZOOM (the email link will go out today) for our virtual Mommy n Me Tea


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