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It is better to build strong children than repair broken men
-Frederick Douglas

Family Portrait
Preparing Jams
Father and Daughter
Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun

Building on a strong foundation...

The needs of children are relatively simple: they need a strong home full of love and stimulation so they can grow up to be strong and loving adults.  Because children learn so much from their home, this is their first "schoolroom" , using the tools of everyday life to learn what they need for school, work, life and beyond.  Just as a house is built on a strong firm foundation, so are children.  The foundation is deep and built using strong sturdy materials that will not break or degrade as they age.  I have found that the Montessori method has some great tools and materials to build strong children into successful adults.  This website is a culmination of the things I learned about children throughout my life as an early childhood educator, and parent and now grandparent.  Using the Montessori method as a general guide, I will share my ideas and resources to help you in your parenting ...and grandparenting journey.


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